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Introducing the JmGO N7

"Create your own home theater."

Availability date TBD - est July 2018

The elegant and beautifully designed JmGO N7 highlights classic shape and exquisite workmanship that JmGO is renowned for.

As with the entire JmGO line, the N7 also has excellent hardware configuration.

The JmGO N7 features 1080P full HD resolution and brightness up to 1,300 ANSI lumens.

The N7 also supports vertical and HORIZONTAL keystone correction and automatic focus.

And the JmGO N7 also has high-quality cinema sound.

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The JMGO N7 is a high brightness LED smart projector.

It combines the functions of an HD TV box, a HiFi Bluetooth speaker, and a long-life projector with low power consumption all-in-one.

The OS is based on Android with extensive customization - you can download and install Netflix,
Youtube, Facebook, etc.

With a WiFi connection, you can view online TV series, movies, and play games on a breath-taking giant screen.

It is 3D ready, and has versatile connectivity options so that you can connect it with other devices such as a speaker,
a wireless keyboard, a gamepad, an HD player, agame console, anotebook or a PC, a USB drive or a mobile hard disk.

What's more, it also supports screen mirroring through Happycast.

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Main Features:

● The N7 achieves outstanding brightness of 1300 ANSI lumens and an extremely high contrast ratio of 6000 : 1 -
9000 : 1
● Long LED lamp life is over 30000 hours
● CPU: 4-core, RAM: 2GB DDR3, ROM: 16GB eMMC 
● Resolution up to FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Supports 4K UHD Video
● 80-300 inches of breathtaking big screen
● Built-in 0.47 inch DMD, gives you crisp, accurate, and true-to-life images perfect for home entertainment
● Built-in dual HiFi speakers, can be used as a Bluetooth speaker

● Innovative design and expert engineering
● The remote control is powered by 2 x AAA battery (not included )
Auto Focus, more convenient
JMGO New OS, based on smart TV UI


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