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Download APKs from any Internet third party app provider. Use your computer, download to thumb drive then use thumb drive to install to the projector.

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It is a little larger than I expected, but it is absolutely great otherwise. Some of its best features: - Very sharp image, perfect for projecting digital images on paper or canvas to draw/trace outlines for my artwork. - It comes with an easily attached mounting bracket with a tripod mounting threaded hole in the middle. - Android 5.1.1 built in. - Adjustable digital zoom (seems to be an Android setting unique to this device) so the image size can be adjusted regardless of the distance between projector and display surface. - Also one of the Android settings allows brightness to be adjusted to get rid of washed out color in bright images


I bought this because i wanted a larger display but didn't want to deal with moving it, spending too much money, or committing a large amount of space. this thing covers all the bases. I've been able to download Chrome, Netflix, and YouTube so far through the play Store. The speakers are more than loud enough for use in my bedroom. definitely worth getting if you want a large display and good sound all in one with more portability than a TV... you should go ahead and get this


simply perfect, more than expected... kind of big tough i do enjoy a lot, strongly recommend... best thing about this projector, auto re-size screen wherever u turn it, amazing, impressive.... already all my friends run to buy


Awesome projector, accurate color, sharp contrast and sharp enough. Note that the original output resolution is 1080p. You simply cant get anything better at this price level


the android portion of this projector can be a bit laggy, and it is a bit slow when it comes to running different tasks. HOWEVER, I did not buy this to be a big screen tablet. I bought this to be a Projector. and for the function it is perfect. very bright and very nice image. Also the HiFi sound is great. I have this at 100" screen on a wall that had reflective paint made for a projection wall. Yes this is truly only 1080P with a native resolution of 1280X800 and can be put in 16:10 or 16:9 depending on what you what. I personally like 16:10. with it being a 100" screen if you try to stand 3 feet away, you can see some pixels. but when you sit back and enjoy the big screen, I can not see the pixels. this is a very well built, and very good projector.


Good value product for the amount of features vs other similar products. Just wish it would support bluetooth via the android platform. It only works for speaker mode.


This is a great product! I was worried that a 1080p image would look poor when projected at 100". This projector proved me wrong! After I booted it up, I was blown away by how vibrant and crisp the image looked. After using this, I don't think I'll watch on anything smaller than 100".


Ok, this projector is awesome. I bought the crazy expensive Apple adapter, so it hooks up to iPhone and iPad for Netflix and Hulu. This works in day light or dark, on pretty much any flat surface. Wonderful picture. Glad I purchased!


We only have been using this for about a week, but we love it so far! The picture is crisp for movies and gaming. My son plays xbox 360 madden 16 and we have it run through the projector- he loves it and there is no delay. It is exactly what we wanted at a reasonable price.

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